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Old Town Paddle & Co. is a Stand Up Paddleboarding company based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. We offer rentals, tours, lessons and sales.


How long are the paddling days?

The first two days after our float plane drop will require us to paddle approximately 24km. While not a significant distance, weather is ever-changing and we want to make sure we can reach our destination points within a reasonable time. Participants can expect approximately 5 hours of paddling per day.

 What type of experience and fitness is required?

Guests will need to have some experience paddling a stand up paddleboard in order to enjoy the trip and allow the group to travel at a practical pace. We recommend having a really good lesson to start with in order to develop an efficient forward stroke and then spending weekly time standup paddle boarding in your local area. Ask us about a proper paddling program for multi day expeditions.

Practice on a SUP while loaded with multi-day camping gear (or equivalent dry bag weight) is recommended as paddling with a loaded vessel is quite different than paddling with no load.

 What are the lake conditions like?

The weather forecast is never a guarantee so we can expect anything from warm, sunny and +30c to cool, extremely windy and +10c. We try our best to avoid windy and wavy conditions, but the first point to point portion of this trip requires us to paddle along an exposed portion of the lake while carrying all of our gear. Once we reach Shelter Bay, there are many areas that are protected from wind of all directions.

The East Arm of Great Slave Lake does not thaw until mid to late June so water temperatures can still be easily under 10c at this time of year.

 Do I need to know how to fish on a paddleboard?

Absolutely not! One of the fun parts of this trip is learning the skill of SUP fishing. We will be both casting and trolling from our boards (and from shore) and our experienced guides are happy to spend as much time with our guests to make sure they are comfortable with the skill. We are also going to run a practice clinic prior to our trip on July 14th.

 What if I don’t want to fish?

No problem! This trip will provide an amazing opportunity just to explore and experience the Spectacular NWT from your Stand Up Paddleboard without having to sink a line! With a high guide to client ratio, we can be sure to tailor this trip to your needs.

how bad are the mosquitos/bugs?

While the bugs won’t be a problem while paddling on the water (especially if we have a breeze and its warm and sunny), they are the worst in wooded areas and in the early evening and night. However for those who aren’t used to mosquitos, they are potentially too much for some people to handle. We feel that with the proper clothing and bug repellent, those little critters won’t affect your enjoyment on this trip!


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